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BC’s popular, multigenerational cooking contest is officially back and better than ever: the Hands-on Cook-off contest celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and challenges families across the province to cook and eat together until May 15th, with the ultimate goal of promoting the lifelong benefits of shared meals and memory making in the kitchen. By taking part, the family-friendly video contest encourages participants of all ages (our youngest competitor to date was only 18 months old and our oldest 96!) to reap the benefits of cooking together, eating together, and most importantly, making lasting memories together in the kitchen, and we’d love if you could help us spread the word.
With just over one week remaining in the province-wide video cooking contest, local dietitians, chefs, and past participants are hoping to inspire more BC families to get involved in the chance to win over $4500 in prizes (and a grand prize of $1000 cash!). Participation is free and easy: all you need is a partner (friend or family member), a recipe, and a recording device to film a video 3 minutes or less.

Over the past ten years, this contest has seen countless BC families support the family dinner movement with…


  • Over 335 video entries submitted since 2010

  • Over $35,000 in cash and in-kind prizes awarded since 2010

  • Over 45 towns throughout BC represented in the contest, including entries from cities as big as Vancouver and Victoria, and as small as Enderby and Castlegar!

Video submissions will be accepted until May 15th at noon, and prizes will be awarded by our special panel of judges:

More information on the contest can be found in the press release or you can learn more about the contest via the links below: