Of all the blessings of modern technology, one of the most useful has to be ONLINE GROCERY SHOPPING.

This little life hack has only been around for the last few years and from what I hear, there are mixed results, but it does keep improving.  I personally love it!  There are a number of shops offering the service with either pickup or delivery service.  A small fee is charged, generally cheaper at off-peak times.

I choose the pickup service because that’s what’s offered at my store of choice… all the low prices and great selection with NONE of the bag packing!!  Win-win!  When you use a store with a points or rewards card – they KNOW you!  Sure, it could be seen as creepy, but on the bright side, shopping online is even faster and easier because they KNOW you and what you like to buy.

Finding things online is SO much easier because you just punch in whatever it is you need – no wandering the aisles or realizing you’re on the wrong side of the store.  The prices are also very clear and always updated on the app or website.

The ultimate use of this little tool has to be a story I read on a Facebook group – a busy, tired mom put in her online order, told her family she was going grocery shopping and drove to the store parking lot and sat in her car reading a book and eating chips for an hour… then simply picked up the groceries and went home.  SWEET!