Warm weather is here! And although some of us love the heat and this time of year, for a portion of the population ( seniors for example ) the heat can be a little too much. That said keep in mind Surrey has 8 outdoor pools and offer a variety of options for you to beat the heat. If you can’t swim, the city will teach you. If you just need to cool off or keep the kids occupied for the afternoon here’s the locations of all 8 outdoor pools in Surrey:

Bear Creek Outdoor Pool 13820 – 88 Avenue

Greenaway Outdoor Pool 17901 – 60 Avenue

Cloverdale Sunnyside Outdoor Pool 15455 – 26 Avenue  

Hjorth Road Outdoor Pool 10277 – 148 Street

Holly Outdoor Pool10662 – 148 Street

Kwantlen Outdoor Pool 13035 – 104 Avenue

Port Kells Outdoor Pool 19340 – 88 Avenue 

Unwin Outdoor Pool 6845 – 133 Street

Stay cool!