Earlier this summer when my car was in the shop, we had to walk to our summer camp which was – gasp – across a highway. We walked, out of necessity – mama needed her day to do chores! And what do you know, it really wasn’t that bad. It was even… pleasurable.  I got to chat with my daughter, get myself moving, and avoid traffic. I even said I would walk again… but somehow when that vehicle option is there, I can never get myself to walk!

So I am challenging myself this week to walk everywhere that we can in an effort to normalize walking to our destinations rather than hopping in the van.  There are a number of reasons I want to do this.  Building walking into our lives is obviously good for our health.  Reducing our dependence on cars and reducing emissions is going to be good for the environment. Forcing ourselves to slow down a bit will help with our connection and mental health. All those short trips eat up a ton of gas, which is getting more and more expensive. And maybe my car will stay cleaner for longer!

When the kids are little, it’s much more challenging to choose to walk everywhere, but now that my kids are older it is time to at least try to get into the walking habit, especially since we live in a very walkable area.

I also feel so helpless and distraught when it comes to the fires consuming our province … It’s hard to know what to do but it’s a good time for me to put into action my personal challenge of making my community into a walking community, to at least feel like I am working toward something.  Small steps.