A Surrey woman has started a petition for  Mayor Doug McCallum to quit political office.

Vanessa Cenaiko, who is a member of the Facebook group ‘Not My Mayor – Oust Doug McCallum’ created the petition that can be found here.

In it she states “In the wake of Doug McCallum’s continued opposition to ride sharing against overwhelming support, a plan for a municipal police force and the dissolution of the Surrey RCMP, his delusional plan to flood Surrey to create canals “like Venice” as a tourist attraction, and his general “my way or the highway approach”, we call for the resignation of Doug McCallum, a mayor that does not have the citizens best interest at heart. It is time the city council takes action against Mr. McCallum with a motion to transfer the mayor’s ability to make key appointments to the council. Enough is enough, Doug McCallum’s got to go.”

A photo of McCallum with a cartoon airbubble saying ” ‘I don’t care what you think unless you own a taxi company.’  can also be seen above the petition.

As of Thurdsay afternoon 1,688 people had signed it, with Cenaiko’s goal to get 2,500.

Her plan is to then send it to Surrey City Council, Premier John Horgan, and the man himself, Doug McCallum.