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There’s an old adage being put to the test just in time for Valentine’s Day! It goes something like; people disappoint, but pizza is eternal. If I haven’t lost you so far nearly 1600 Canadians took part in a recent Leger poll and the results are quite biting (too easy? sorry)! Six-in-10 Canadians polled (59%), have some type of relationship deal-breaker when it comes to Za. For example, eating pizza in bed was the top choice for deal breaker at 18% followed closely by anchovies on the pie at 17%. Some of the other deal breakers include a major faux pas, eating pizza with your hands at 8%. A potential partner who doesn’t eat the crust came in a 6% as a deal breaker! Using too much garlic dip is the surefire way to becoming unkissable and that resonated with 6% of those polled. Most of it sounds pretty reasonable except for the last survey question… turns out 6% didn’t much care for eating the round mound in bed. What? I always thought it was the perfect breaky for a lazy Canadian like me. So you see when it comes love and slice-etiquette you can’t have one without the other unless you like dining alone. Either way, take a pass on the anchovies!

Ian Power