We’re amazed at the lengths some Hollywood Stars go through in order to look good for things like awards shows!

With the Academy Awards held this past weekend, here are a few unusual treatments some actors/actresses signed up for…

– Some stars prepared for the Oscars by getting $2,000 diamond particle facial scrubs. Others got skin peels, green tea face masks and red-and-blue UV light therapy treatments to prevent acne.

– Some stars wore mink eyelashes that cost $10,000 a piece.

– Professional bronzers, who carry portable tanning sprayers, were brought in.

– Some female stars have had Botox injected under their breasts to give their sagging cleavage a much-needed lift.

– Other stars prepared for the Oscars with hydrocortisone injections, which are designed to get rid of acne and unwanted blemishes.

– Many female stars have spent the last week getting ice facials to tighten their skin. Others got bee venom masks.

Stars were plumping their lips with cinnamon oil.

-Some wore panty shields under their arms to keep sweat away from their dresses and tuxedos.

Some stars have used Preparation H on their puffy eyes.

– Others have used masking tape to tape the cellulite down on their legs under their gowns.

Some stars even had Armpit Botox to prevent sweating  

Source: Sheethappensprep.com