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Translink recently collected the results from the first stage of public engagement for the Surrey Langley Skytrain and rapid transit options for 104 Ave and King George Blvd which showed strong support for the improved rapid transit in Surrey and Langley.

In the press release CEO of translink Kevin Desmond said, “This engagement received the second greatest number of responses in the history of TransLink engagements, second only to a topic that affected the entire region,” and Desmond goes on to say, “Ridership is booming, especially south of the Fraser, and the incredible number of responses from this engagement demonstrates how important it is that we continue improving and expanding our transit system.”

Between April 4 and 26, TransLink collected 21,267 survey responses, with nearly
17,000 of them from residents in Surrey and Langley.

In Surrey and Langley, 85% of respondents support the proposed project, and in the rest of
the region, support lies at 84%. The following is a breakdown of support:
 Surrey – 82%
 City of Langley – 90%
 Township of Langley – 92%
 Rest of Metro Vancouver – 84%

The survey asked the public to rank values for consideration in rapid transit planning,
including the 104 Avenue and King George Boulevard corridors. Survey respondents
identified the following as their top three values:
 Predictable transit travel time that helps me get to my destination faster
 Efficient use of public money
 A comfortable and safe experience when I use transit.

To help gather feedback on rapid transit south of the Fraser, TransLink commissioned a
market research survey to help obtain statistically-representative responses. Findings
were consistent with the public engagement survey.

Feedback from the engagement will help to inform ongoing planning work and will form
part of TransLink’s project update to the Mayors’ Council in July.
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Jeff Busby Project Director for the Surrey-Langley Skytrain, joined Pulse Mornings with Jas and Vanessa have a listen to find out 

 What is the next phase for the Surrey-Langley Skytrain? What is going to happen in the mean time to accommodate the demand? And, what is the buzz about those Electric buses? (scroll below to find all the details on the fare hike come July 1st, 2019.

If you would like to weigh in on this discussion or share your comments, on Twitter@pulse1077.

Translink scales up the Fare on Nations Birthday

Oh Canada Day, our public transit fare will increase again as part of TransLink’s expansion and improvement plan, on July 1st, 2019.

Commuters will pay an extra five to 10 cents for single trips, single-use fares will also increase by five cents when paying by cash and 10 cents for stored value fares..

A one-zone adult fare will increase from $2.95 to $3.00 when paying by cash.

The largest jump is for day passes which will see the increase in price by 25 cents. Meanwhile, monthly pass fares will go up by $2 for concession and $3 for adult fares.

Since 2016, fares are scheduled to increase until 2026 as part of the Mayors Council’s 10-year Vision for Regional Transportation.

The $2 billion Phase 1 plan is the reason behind the increases to our fares, but includes adding bus service by 10 per cent, rail service by 18 per cent and funding the SkyTrain extensions in Surrey and Vancouver.

Photo Credit: Translink 2019