The province has released its BC School Foods Guidelines for 2022 that includes banning hot dogs, fruit juice, and anything deep fried from being served in schools, as well as in events like hot lunches, fundraisers etc.
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I think it’s absolutely insane, kids NEED treats!!!
Seriously some of my best memories in elementary school was that special Friday of the month where we got a hot lunch delivered to our classroom that included a hotdog, chips, and chocolate milk! Was SO exciting!!!
Not only that, can you believe my Mom would bring us Mcdonalds once a month where we would guzzle deep fried nuggets, fries, and coke in front of our friends while we they painstakingly munched away on their healthy lunch. The horror! Surprised they didn’t lock her up! On the flip side, made me that cooler among my friends!
– Vanessa xox