Pulse FM News Update for Friday, July 3rd

A Surrey man who works as a Delta school teacher has been charged with three counts of child pornography related offences.
RCMP say 52 year old Elazar Reshef had been in direct contact with children but RCMP want to stress to parents that at this point no Lower Mainland children have been identified as potential victims.
Reshef has not been arrested and a warrant has been issued – anyone with infomration is asked to contact Surrey RCMP.

Love will find a way!
Despite Peace Arch park remaining closed couples are still managing to get married in the park thanks to a loophole in the system. Turns out there’s a ditch along zero avenue that someone in the states can just jump over and voila you’re in the park – lawyers arguing there isn’t anything border patrol can do as it isn’t technically illegal.

Surrey RCMP are looking for 18 year old Timothy Johnson who has been missing since Thursday (July 2nd) in the area of 100 Avenue and 155th St in Surrey.









Anyone who has seen him is asked to call Surrey RCMP!

Desperate times call for desperate measures!
Premier Horgan is calling on the border to be shut down until the states can get control of COVID-19 – Health Minister Adrian Dix agreeing it should be shut down until at least the end of summer as the number of daily cases in the U-S hit an all-time high yesterday of more than 50,000

COVID community outbreaks have been declared officially over in B-C – the last case at an Abbotsford tool manufacturing company now clear – the company set to re-open once again.

More than seven thousand SFU students have signed a petition to get rid of the school’s team name ‘The Clansman’ – in light of the #blacklivesmatter movement – saying when people heard the name they think of the ‘Klu Klux Klan’ – students saying for years they’ve been embarrassed.

Some chilling details have come out of Thursday’s incident at Rideau Hall where Trudeau’s office is  – a man walking the grounds for at least 15 minutes armed with a gun – before being arrested. The man says he just wanted to talk to Trudeau about the pandemic – now expected to face a number of charges.

Health authorities are warning the Fourth of July weekend could be a make or break for the states in its fight against covid-19.
Many parades and fireworks displays have been cancelled to try and gain some control on the virus – with 50,000 new cases confirmed yesterday – however Trump remains steadfast on having a fireworks celebration tomorrow in Washington – with more than 300,000 expected to attend.