A public hearing is set to be held Monday on whether Surrey should allow temporary truck parking at industrial yards in Port Kells and Cloverdale as semi drivers grappled with limited parking in the city.
 30 new covid-19 cases were reported today by dr. bonnie henry – henry warning B.C’s curve continues to trend upwards and it’s crucial British Columibans do the word to bend it back where it belongs – wearing masks, social distancing, and using hand sanitizer as often as possible – canada’s average daily numbers climbing from 300 to more than 450 a day.

They help people find work – now LinkedIn staff are the ones off the job – almost a thousand employees set to be laid off – the company saying the reality is not many businesses are hiring right now – giving less use for the site.

A person who made a prank call to the Lynn Valley Care Home in North Vancouver back  – claiming a bunch of staff had come down covid-19 has been arrested.
The call was made back in march when the pandemic first hit – the home saying it put the health of patients and staff at risk as they had to go short-staffed to try and pinpoint what staff were sick – no actual charges have been laid just yet.

White Rock RCMP are warning about a scam where someone calls you up claiming to be from a credit card security company – somehow gaining remote access to your computer where while talking over the phone they give the illusion they’re fixing the problem – afterwards asking you to send money through gift cards. If you receive a call like this – hang up immediately.

An Earls restauraunt in Port Coquitlam has been shut down after three staff tested positive for COVID-19 during daily temperature checks – the employees now self-isolating at home.

A new poll shows at least three quarter of all British Columbians believe all kids should wear a mask when they return to class in the fall either in class or at least when out at recess.
One Langley Mom though is worried about the long-term effects it will have on kids.
“This whole thing has instilled so much fear, kids aren’t going to get to grow up to hug their friends and live carefree, they’ll always be thinking about this. I get it too, the issue, but I find masks suffocating.”
The poll also showed more mor than 50% of parents are generally worried about their kids going back to school.

BC tourism is seeking a 700 million dollar bailout from the province to help THEM rebuild the industry left devastated by the pandemic – the company says at the end of the day its dependent on the movement of people” which has been made impossible by travel restrictions and closed borders.

With 102 cases over the weekend Dr. Bonnie Henry is worried that we may be bending the curve the wrong way. She warns us that if we want to get together, to do so outside and keep the groups to six, and keep track of who you’ve been in contact with.

Meeting financial needs and putting food on the table is a concern for 31% of people aged 18-29 and 47% of the 394,000 in the study are struggling with mental health issues as a result of the pandemic.

John Horgan is pressing Justin Trudeau to take steps to reduce the fear associated with illicit drug use,  decriminalize possession of small amounts for personal use – 175 people died in June of drug overdoses – a large number due to toxic street drug supply.

A Vancouver woman has started an online petition asking that all Translink passengers wear masks –  this after riding a full bus with very few people wearing masks. Translink has said a Provincial Health Order is required to make masks mandatory. 

Earls on Shaughnessy Street in Port Coquitlam has temporarily closed its doors after three staff members tested positive for the Coronavirus. All staff members were temperature checked upon arrival at the restaurant, did not show symptoms, and were wearing the appropriate PPE.  No world on when the restaurant will reopen.