Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is using his annual Christmas message to urge Canadians think about what brings people, and the country, together.
Trudeau says it’s been inspiring to see just how well Canadians have met the challenges of a difficult year.
While he admits the holidays this year look much different than previous celebrations, Trudeau says he’s hopeful 2021 will be much better.


Health Canada’s approval of a second COVID-19 vaccine was an early Christmas gift in the fight against the pandemic, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is warning there is still a long road ahead.
Canada recorded 68-hundred and 45 new cases yesterday, along with 172 additional deaths. The first doses of the Moderna vaccine are scheduled to arrive in the three territories on Monday.


As they prepare to go under provincewide lockdowns, both Quebec and Ontario are reporting new record COVID-19 case counts.
Health officials in Quebec are confirming 23-hundred and 49 new infections and 46 virus-related deaths today.
Ontario is recording 24-hundred and 47 new cases and 49 additional deaths.
The latest numbers come as Quebec is set to close non-essential businesses on Christmas Day until at least January 11th, while Ontario prepares to begin its own lockdown on Boxing Day.


Campgrounds in southern B-C have seen a surge in business during the COVID-19 pandemic, as the health crisis has snowbirds heading west rather than south to ride out the winter.
The Canadian Camping and R-V Council says at least 50 thousand full-time R-Vers who usually spend their winters in the U-S have had to find a place to north of the border this year.
The rise in Canadian campers began in March, when the prime minister told Canadians to come home at the start of the global health crisis.


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused some major upheaval for Hollywood movie scheduling, but one studio is now looking three years ahead.
Warner Bros. says among the films it plans to release in 2023 will be a new film version of the Broadway production “The Color Purple,” and “Furiosa” — a prequel to “Mad Max: Fury Road” centred on the character played by Charlize Theron.  Anya Taylor-Joy of “The Queen’s Gambit” will star as the titular warrior, and will be joined by Chris Hemsworth in the film
slated for a June 23rd, 2023 release.