1.The B.C. Restaurant and Food Services Association says a group of 25 industry representatives met Wednesday to come up with a “blueprint” on how to possibly re-open restaurants mid May.

Box Concepts Food Group Director Scott Bender co-owns the Surrey WokBox restauraunt in South Surrey. While he’s glad the wheels-are-in-motion, he isn’t holding his breath that actual concrete solutions are coming to business owners anytime soon.

“I  find the BCRFA to be broad lined, middle of the road, and not angled where they need to get sometimes because they’re trying to appease three different sides.  I do hope though they can get some answers.”

Bender says since the pandemic hit he’s reached out to the Canadian Restauraunt Association, the Franchise Association, and even some members of government for answers, but so far it’s been crickets from those higher up the chain.

As mid-May creeps closer, his list of questions only gets longer.

“Are we going to have to build barriers? Do square footage rules like they’ve roled out in Georgia includes staff members? We have plexy glass now but is there going to be a different spec? Those things take time, we need answers.”

2. If you take skytrain you might be in for a little wait.

As of Wednesday, Translink announced capacity on the Expo line is being reduced by 20% during peak hours.

Also, during middays, early evenings, and weekends, capacity will be reduced by 20% to 40%, depending on the time of day.

These capacity reductions are in addition to a 17% reduction during peak hours and a 20% reduction on Friday and Saturday evenings which took place last month.

More cuts could also be coming to bus routes.

On Monday Translink announced close to 1,500 staff were going to be laid off and 18 bus routes suspended as of Friday, with the company losing more than $75-million a month due to ridership being down more than 80% from COVID-19.

Most of the routes cut were in low ridership areas such as Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows.

Translink says its considering further cuts to try and stay afloat. No word on what bus routes could be affected next.

3.Langley RCMP is looking for a key suspect. Literally!

In the last week more than 20 cars have been keyed in the Willoughby area – in particular the area of 72 Avenue through 74 Avenues bound by 202 A and 201 B Streets.

Police say they’ve spoken to neighbours to try and get video footage but so far nothing has come up.

If you live in the area and have video, police are asking you to review it for the possible suspects and call Langley RCMP at 604-532-3200.