1. It’s a huge bust for The Surrey Gang Enforcement Team.

Last week police arrested a man for drug trafficking in the Whalley area.

That arrest led to them finding and confiscating a large quantity of crack cocaine, fentanyl, and methamphetamine, as well over  $5,000 in cash.

No charges have been laid yet as the investigation continues.


2.You can’t get much lower.

Over half a dozen gravestones were recently vandalized at the Surrey Centre Cemetary

Michael Gibbs, who is the President of the Surrey Heritage Society says most of the gravestones go back well over a hundred years.

“They are part of our living history. Buildings fall down, roads get named changed, these are what I call the fabrics of our community.”

It’s the first time the cemetery’s been vandalized in over 25 years.


3. Cloverdale has seen an increase in loitering and vandalism since the pandemic hit.

Cloverdale Business Improvement Association Executive Director Paul Orazietti credits it partly to a shortage of drugs.

“From what we’ve been told there’s a fentanyl shortage and that drives up the price of drugs. Plus also the situation with COVID-19, there’s more helplessness, people will throw a match into a city garbage can and melt the garbage container and they’ve torched a few commercial garbage bins.”

Orazietti says the BIA has an email system business owners can use to notify one another of loitering and issues in an area.

So far – no businesses have been broken into it.


4. A warning if you shop at the South Surrey Walmart often.

According to the Surrey Now-Leader, an employee at the store has tested positive for COVID-19.

The employees last day working was April 16th, with head office saying other employees who were in close contact with the worker have now been directed to self-isolate as a precaution.


5. We’re getting there Canada!

Canada is nearing a “best case scenario” in the COVID-19 pandemic with cases now doubling every 16 days – compared to every three to five days a month ago.

On Tuesday Chief Public Health Officer of Canada Dr. Theresa released the latest government projections, showing we could still see close to a thousand more covid-19 deaths in the next week – with the country’s total nearing 4,000 but  overall, the growth rate continues to slow.