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The U-S / Canada Border will remain closed to non essential travel until June 21st – Justin Trudeau announced yesterday.

Since 2016, $1.5 million has been spent by Trudeau aiming to get Canada a seat on the United Nations Security Council – 10 million spent in the last six months – with one year left before the 15 member council is determined.

Dr Bonnie Henry won’t be forcing travel restrictions between provinces – stating just because we see a ‘red plate’ in BC doesn’t mean they are visiting as many work in one province and live in another.

A MAYDAY distress call was sent out before a small plane took to a hard landing in Pitt Lake in Coquitlam yesterday – the pilot suffered no injuries and the investigation is ongoing.

Canadian businesses will learn more today about two federal loan programs – smaller and medium sized companies a rent relief program with interest free loans of 40,000.

There is help for Surrey businesses as they start to reopen – Chris Back of WorkSafeBC tackled some finer points Tuesday during a ‘digital town hall’
WorkSafeBC offers on its website a template for a six-point safety plan to help employers develop their plan.

More than 250,000 Frontline Health workers will recieve a temporary COVID-19 pandemic pay – it will be a lump sum – working out to about $4 per hour and dating back to March 15th