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Here at Pulse we’re a grounded, brew-tiful team who love their jobs a latte!

Now that we’ve got the coffee puns out of the way, have you heard about #FiveWordsToDescribeCoffee that’s trending on Twitter?

Yesterday, it was  #MyAgein5Words, today it’s #FiveWordstoDescribeCoffee, what’s in the water?! Whatever it is we love it and are all for these ‘five’ games!

So what five words would our Pulse team use to describe coffee? Read below, before we spill the beans!

"Anxiety juice in a mug" - Claire

"My, strong, burly second boyfriend" - Vanessa

"It is the devil's swill" - Neil

'Where I get my personality" - Shannon

"For the love of coffee" - Jas

"Tastes better with french vanilla" - Tara