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The B.C. minister for public safety says he did “not meet with Bob Cheema” contrary to concerns raised by a Surrey councillor on Monday night.

Surrey Coun. Jack Hundial raised several concerns after he noticed that Cheema, a friend and political supporter of Doug McCallum, was listed on a meeting schedule of Mike Farnworth, the minister of public safety.
Farnworth’s calendar for Nov. 2, 2018 indicates a meeting with McCallum, Cheema and Chief of Staff Donna (no last name provided).
“Why was a member of the public, with no relationship with the City of Surrey present at this meeting?” Hundial asked. “What advice, or other service, did Mr. Cheema provide in connection with this meeting?”

He also wanted to know if Cheema was reimbursed for any expenses and whether he was in meetings with other levels of government with the mayor.
“I could actually make a comment at this time, but I won’t,” McCallum said. “The facts are wrong.”
Farnworth’s office has publicly stated that he did not meet with Cheema, but that the developer was on the agenda because he booked the meeting for the mayor.
Cheema declined to comment publicly about the claims made by Hundial.

Cheema made headlines recently when it was learned he was suing a political foe over what he claims were defamatory tweets.
The issue will come up at the next Surrey council meeting on Monday, Sept. 30.