It used to be a thing for your diskman and CD-folder collection to hold copies of CDs from your favorite movie soundtracks.
Original or burned, of course.

Here are some popular ones you may recognize from that old collection:

The Beach Movie Soundtrack, with music from Moby & All Saints – Photo courtesy of coveralia. com

The Spice Girls “Spice World” Movie Soundtrack – Photo courtesy of allmusic. com

Ninja Turtles Movie Soundtrack, with music from MC Hammer – Photo from allmusic. com

Dumb & Dumber Movie Soundtrack, with popular songs “New Age Girl” & “Crash” – Photo courtesy of coveralia .com

Dr.Dolittle Movie Soundtrack, with music from Montell Jordan, Aaliyah, & Timbaland – Photo courtesy of cduniverse .com


Clueless Movie Soundtrack with songs by Coolio, Beastie Boys, and Radiohead – Photo courtesy of


Cruel Intentions Movie Soundtrack, with songs by Fatboy Slim, Blur, & Placebo – Photo courtesy of Amazon UK