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Like any other office, the Pulse FM team is always looking for the next amazing lunch spot. With our office in Surrey, we have tons of options for delicious foods in the area – but today, we wanted something pizza-themed and light!

With that being said, we decided to try out Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. on 152 street and 55th Avenue in South Surrey. This location is brand new, and had a open-scheme layout with a fresh and modern-looking decor.

Photo credit: Huge Obny

Upon walking in, the first thing you notice is the warm, family-friendly vibe emanating from the establishment. The restaurant was buzzing during lunch hour, and there was a cheerful environment that was absolutely infectious!

We were met by the owner with a warm, welcoming smile, and 3 towering boxes of steaming, fragrant flatbread. Excited to try it out, we headed back to the office to show off our spoils.

Genoa Pizza

Tomato Basil

Farmers Market

Our team tried the Genoa Pizza (organic tomato sauce, mozzarella, Genoa salami, crimini mushrooms, marinated cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, caramelized red onions, mozzafina di latte, and basil),

the Tomato Basil Pizza (organic tomato sauce, mozzarella, crimini mushrooms, roma tomatoes,  mozzafina di latte, and basil),

and the Farmer’s Market Pizza (organic tomato sauce, mozzarella, fresh seasonal vegetables, three herb pesto, and capriny goat cheese).

Tara Lopez – Pulse Mornings

Vanessa Ybarra – Midday Host

Neil Morrison – The Ride (Afternoon Show)

Everyone in the office really enjoyed the pizza – it had a really fresh, gourmet feel to it and it was clearly made with a lot of care.

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. is also extremely dietary-restriction friendly – their restaurant is a nut-free facility, and they also have gluten-free and vegan options so everyone can enjoy the delicious flatbread!

They pride themselves on using fresh, never frozen ingredients, with a farm-to-table state of mind.

They also offer brunch, kid’s cooking classes, and they’re going to be equpping themselves for kid’s birthday parties very soon!

All in all, it was an awesome experience. From the wonderful service, to the mouthwatering, non-greasy flatbread, it’s a culinary experience that’s worth having South of the Fraser.

And BONUS – head over to Crush Hair Co this Saturday where we will be handing out coupons (along with other prizes) for Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co!

Don’t forget to listen below to hear about our midday host, Vanessa Ybarra, and her experience trying Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co for the first time ever!