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Is it the white beard? Is it the Red suit? Is it his deep voice? Why does Santa have this instant affect on kids that make them scream at the top of their lungs when trying to take a nice Christmas photo? To be honest I have a few pictures of myself sitting on Santa’s lap and I don’t look impressed at all but I never actually cried.

I remember my mom trying to get me to just look at her and not Santa so I would be distracted to the fact that I was sitting on this strange big man’s lap. I guess when you really think about it, it kind of is a bit terrifying right? You don’t know him and he has this huge white beard and he’s asking you what you want.

However once I realized he was going to bring me gifts on Christmas morning we came to an understanding and we took the picture and I went on my way. He did usually bring me what I asked for most of the time so I ended up being cool with him over the years. Post your screaming Santa pictures here.