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Sexual assault charges were dropped against Actor Kevin Spacey in a Massachusetts courtroom Wednesday.

Last year a 17 year boy who worked as a bus boy at a local bar on Nantucket Island alleges it’s there he met Spacey who then sexually assaulted him 

Legal experts say the case was plagued from the start, the alleged victim apparently claiming to be a 23 year old student at the time of the incident.

He also apparently sent his girlfriend a Snapchat photo of when he alleges Spacey groped him.

However according to media reports it appears the final nail in the coffin was the fact the mom of the accuser deleted what’s assumed to be information from her sons cell phone before it was handed over to police as evidence, with police only learning about it a few weeks ago.

The 59 year old may have lost his role in House of Cards due to the incident,  but the real show will now be whether he can revive his career and reputation as a free man.

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– Vanessa
– @VanessaLYbarra / VanessaYbarra77