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After a report of shots fired, Surrey RCMP surrounded a Cloverdale home Monday to secure the occupants of the residence.

The emergency response team (ERT) assisted and streets were closed to traffic, for a good part of the morning, near the home at 194 Street and 71A Avenue.

Traffic was diverted away from the from 195 Street and contained the area.

And after further examination, police determined the loud bangs were just fireworks.

Surrey RCMP Cpl. Eleanore Sturko said police need to approach these situations with an abundance of caution, and protocol called for the assistance of ERT.

It’s a precaution we that take when there’s an indication of multiple people, and if there are any firearm threats – in this case, it was a report of shots fired,” Sturko said. “Our early indications are anyway that this call (of shots fired) came as a result of fireworks being let off.”

People who were initially detained have been released without charges. No charges are being anticipated at this time.

Sturko said that the people who thought they’d heard shots fired did the right thing by calling police.

We want people to know in the public that if you hear that you believe to be shots fired, we would still encourage you to give us a call,” Sturko said. “It’s not always easy to tell what is the sound of gunfire, but we want to make sure that we’re looking into all those types of calls.”