This past July Surrey city council appointed Reece Harding as Ethics Comissioner to investigate complaints and make disciplinary recommendations to Surrey’s council.

One of the complaints he may end up having to investigate, if he isn’t already, is what exactly was behind Mayor Doug McCallum axing Councillor Steven Pettigrew from the Metro Vancouver Board of Director’s last fall, with Councillor Allison Patton being brought in to fill the role instead.

Former Surrey City Councillor Mike Starchuk calls the whole thing “fishy” as according to Starchuk rumours continue to swirl, if not a given fact by now, that the two may be romantically involved.

He says if McCallum and Patton were in fact together when the Metro Vancouver decision was made, there could be a conflict of interest at play.

Listen to Starchuk’s full interview with Pulse FM’s Vanessa Ybarra:


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