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You can’t be cooler than your dad if you ARE your dad. According to a new survey, the average guy starts turning into his father at age 37.  And more than two-thirds of men say they feel more like their father every single year.

Are YOU like your Dad?

Here are the top 10 signs you’re turning into your dad:


1.  You start taking grilling very seriously.


2.  You fix things instead of just replacing them.


3.  You start telling “dad jokes.”


4.  You tell your kids to “ask their mother.”


5.  You fall asleep on the couch watching sports.

6.  You grunt getting up off the couch.


7.  You mute commercials.


8.  You love to mow the lawn.


9.  You don’t like it when other people touch the thermostat.


10.  You finish the leftover food on everyone’s plates. 

How many of these describe you as a Dad?