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For this week’s ‘Vanessa on Assignment’ I strolled Marine Drive in White Rock asking businesses whether they’ve been affected by the construction going on at Memorial Park. The city is expanding the space and as part of that have taken over around 50 parking spots permanently.

I spoke to David and Elizabeth Pacifici who are from Italy. They own Dolce Gelato located directly across from the pier in what’s now been turned into a construction site. The second I walked in I was greeted by a huge smile and “HELLO!” from both of them. We chatted for a bit. They told me how their revenue is down at least 70 per cent because of the lack of parking well…everywhere. Yet a smile never left their face. They cracked jokes about how they’ve become experts at being lazy and how they’re thankful they get along because these days there aren’t exactly a lot of customers to talk to.

Some would look at their situation as dreadful. All day long they’re forced to listen to the sound of jackhammers and sanders outside their door. Revenue is the worst it’s been since they opened in 2001. There’s no firm date from the City of White Rock on when the park project will be completed. Yet here they are, smiling and laughing their way through it.

They EVEN gave me a free scoop of gelato when I didn’t have cash (their store is cash only FYI). I felt bad taking it but they insisted.

Go visit them at 15045 Marine Drive when you have a chance. You won’t find a nicer couple.