I have been obsessively checking the weather forecast in order to maximize the sunny days and make sure we save any expensive indoor activities for a rainy day!  With the skies a bit overcast we decided to risk it and packed up the scooters for the parkour park in Langley (Penzer Parkour Park is at 198C and 47A street, take 200 to 48th avenue and there is directional signage).  Parkour is a popular activity where kids basically jump off walls onto other walls.  Don’t Google it.  It will scare you.  Just trust me – they’ll love it.

I like to multi-task so I messaged a few friends and arranged to meet up at the park so I wouldn’t be the “mom on the phone”, plus it counts as a playdate (stop asking me).  There is no playground at this park and my parkour days are behind me, so I appreciate being able to schedule some social time while my kids are being active.

This park is great because it has a smaller area for smaller kids, a scooter area, a basketball court and a bike park.

Great for older kids but not too big for little kids.  My one complaint – the parking lot was full!  Also, there was a large group of “big” big kids…like high school or in their 20’s… and they were running through the courses and there were a few tense moments.  I know that research shows we need to let our kids take more risks, but having a 6 year old in the path of a speeding full grown man is more cardio than I need!  At peak times it can be busy but it’s definitely worth it and will keep your kids busy for a long time – long enough to enjoy a coffee even!