The New Democrats have put on a dominant display in this election and that performance was particularly clear in Surrey.

Seven of the nine seats in the city are now NDP holdings, with former city councillor and firefighter Mike Starchuk bumping Marvin Hunt from Surrey-Cloverdale.

While the BC Liberals had pledged a referendum on the police transition, the NDP’s Jagrup Brar, who held his spot in Surrey Fleetwood, says the promise didn’t resonate with voters.

Meanwhile, despite some early indications Jinny Sims might have been in trouble, she’s held on in Surrey-Panorama for the NDP.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 60,000 out of about 720,000 people in B.C. in Surrey and White Rock have chosen to vote by mail. That means the final results are going to be delayed.

According to Elections BC, it could take up to three weeks to get the final tally.