Her voice is like a sultry angel singing the blues, and nothing will compare when you hear it. From the sultry blues of the fifties and the jazz belts of the sixties, Vanessa Nostbakken (left) will melt your heart. She’s in studio on Tuesday and she’s going to share her voice and stories of life on the road and moving from Montreal to Golden and then to the BIG Van and the trysts along the way.

Vanessa’s a musician, singer, composer, and a writer. She’s currently working on a solo album as well as collaborative works with other artists. Now, some would wonder where I met this lovely one – why, in a bar of course! Picking up chicks isn’t just for men you know. Listen in live Tuesday night at 7pm 107.7 FM and livestream www.pulsefm.ca

Also in the studio, a woman who is a force to be reckoned with. My guest Suman Bakshi is exactly that!

As owner of Lux Jewels and House of Lux, she embodies a fierce warrior in charge of her tribe. When Suman’s designing of jewelry and engagement rings, she’s the resident counsellor for her clients as they come to her for advice on love. Always the voice of reason, she brings people into reality and purpose.

Suman Bakshi is a visionary, marketing whiz, humanitarian, and an advocate for the Rare Disease Foundation. With her heart to help and her straight shooting advice, you want this one in your corner!

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Talk to you at 7!