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So I just read this article stating that second-born kids are the “hardest”, in particular boys.  Second-born children get into more trouble at school and with the courts according to studies which primarily focused on families with second-born boys.

In our home, my first son was textbook easy, but I didn’t know that until I had my second.  He gave us a little trouble with a health scare and spending time in the NICU.  He was “busier” than my first… or did he just seem that way because I had to manage and keep track of two all of a sudden?

As a 10 year old he is my sweetest, my quietest, the peacemaker, the clever one.  Sure he’s a little messy, and he might not always tell the truth about brushing his teeth, but I wouldn’t say he’s my “hardest”.   Like many “middle children”, he is smart and quirky.  I think maybe not being the oldest or youngest forces you to develop a bit of an extra personality.

As in any family, I think they take turns being the “good” one, the “challenging” one, the “sweet” one, etc… Ask me again in 10 years!


photo by Klutch Photography