Human’s can do some pretty stupid things. So when I heard that a family in West Vancouver posted video on social media of them feeds Black Bears – once the rage subsided – I couldn’t do anything but shake my head. How absolutely ignorant and stupid does one have to be to think this is an okay thing to do? Is there really people in this world who think that feeding wild black bears is a good idea? Clearly, there are. Most believe these bears will have to be killed because they’re dependant now on humans for food. Saddening and sickening. As of the time i write (read) this, conservation officials say there could be charges coming. Could? How about right now and to the full extent of the law? Stupid people doing stupid things and teaching their kids that this behaviour is acceptable is beyond just a conservation fine. The parents should also be charged with child endangerment. Sadly, the bears are the biggest losers here. All because of human stupidity.