Surrey City Council released a new statement today regarding the approval of a new biodiversity preserve park in Surrey:

Surrey City Council approved the adoption of Campbell Heights Biodiversity Preserve Park protecting more than 82.4 hectares (200 acres) of sensitive riparian ecosystems, mixed forests and grassy meadows. In addition, a portion of the space will be set aside to showcase regenerative agricultural practices that will also contribute to biodiversity conservation. With this endorsement, Surrey has more than tripled its total area of biodiversity preserve parks, expanding from 40.6 hectares (100.3 acres) to 123 hectares (304 acres).

“We remain committed to preserve, protect, and enhance Surrey’s biodiversity for now and the future,” said Mayor Doug McCallum. “Campbell Heights Biodiversity Preserve marks the third of its kind in Surrey, following Fergus Watershed Biodiversity Preserve Park and Godwin Farm Biodiversity Preserve Park. These spaces support important natural services for the community like clean water and healthy soils and they are vital in keeping Surrey a thriving, livable and sustainable community.”

The City of Surrey manages over 800 parks. More than 200 parks have active amenities such as sports fields, sport courts, playgrounds, community gardens or picnic areas and over 600 parks protect natural areas, open space, and biodiversity as part of the larger green infrastructure network. Three of Surrey’s parks are designated biodiversity preserve parks. They provide large, meaningful spaces that prioritize the intrinsic value of nature and biodiversity over the recreational uses that are typically provided for in parks throughout the city.

To learn more about the City’s ongoing approach to protecting and enhancing biodiversity in our parks, visit

Wildlife Conservation Earth GIF by Katharine Kow