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Daud Patel, owner of Elevation Fitness in Surrey, says while frustrating he wasn’t surprised when Bonnie Henry quietly extended gym closures to indefinite on Monday.

“When we were shut down in 2020 for two months we were basically given a four or five day notice to reopen, so when we didn’t hear a word on Friday or Saturday, I was talking to my business person and said ‘We’re not opening on Tuesday. They’re not going to flip a switch on Monday and say you can open tomorrow. I wasn’t surprised’

Still, like most gym owners in BC, he is frustrated with the lack of data from the PHO and Adrian Dix when it comes to their claims of gyms being a ‘super spreader’ of COVID-19.

There’s rumors gyms may reopen beginning January 22nd but we won’t know for sure until Henry makes her official announcement  today (Tuesday) at 1:30 PST.

Listen to Pulse FM’s Vanessa Ybarra’s full interview with Patel below where he discusses how he’s managed to stay afloat during the pandemic and why he feels a lot luckier than a lot of other fitness centers.