Yesterday I was sitting in a walk in clinic waiting room when it dawned on me how friendly Surrey people are. Like many people’s experiences at a walk-in clinic in the Lower Mainland I had to wait close to two hours to see a doctor. The room was jam packed with people from seniors to moms and babies and every age in between. Many would picture this scene as aggravating and depressing but actually it was anything but. All around me strangers talked with one another from new moms discussing breastfeeding tips to an older gentleman playing peekaboo with the baby next to him. A senior next to me also started chatting up another woman the minute she sat down and started rattling off a list of places she needed to check out when she found out she was new in town. Being the cliche millennial I am I naturally sat back with my eyes glued to my laptop. Ok I”m joking but I admit I did have a laundry list of  things to cross off on my online to do list not to mention prep for Pulse Mornings  so I did end up spending most of the time on my laptop. However looking back in retrospect not partaking in one particular conversation allowed me to notice and appreciate the buzz happening around me that much more. We may be a large city but it’s nice to see we haven’t lost our small town manners. Way to go Surrey and keep it up.

– Vanessa