Last week, the National Police Foundation (NPF) issued a news release critical of the Surrey Police Board’s selection process for a Chief Constable. We are disappointed by the NPF’s effort to

undermine this process and the work of the Surrey Police Board. This type of misinformation does a disservice to the citizens of Surrey who depend on facts to understand the need for this

important and overdue policing transition and the police officers who are considering a career with the Surrey Police Service. The Surrey Police Board’s top priority is the selection of a Chief

Constable. In preparing for this, the Board, with support of the City of Surrey leveraged the expertise of human resources and labour relations specialists who worked for several months

conducting market research and identifying the competencies required to lead Surrey into a new era of policing services. The Board, comprised of several experts in labour relations, has reviewed

and approved all aspects of the process, which is being conducted by an external professional recruiting firm adept at understanding how to manage executive recruitment.The decision to post the

role for Chief Constable in an expedited timeframe was based on a number off factors including the fact there are numerous vacant executive leadership positions across Canada. TheSPS does not

wish or deserve to be at the tail end of those other selection processes. Potential candidates who have an interest in the job have been aware of this opportunity for many months. The

Surrey Police Board recognizes the need to be diligent in the recruitment process as top police leaders are highly sought after nationally. In developing criteria for a Chief Constable, the Board

approved competencies based on survey work conducted by the City of Surrey to determine the priorities and interests of citizens regarding community policing. This information has been

carefully woven into the Chief’s selection criteria. A key focus in selecting a Chief Constable is ensuring this individual will be responsive to the needs of the community and actively engage the

citizens of Surrey. A Chief Constable who understands the priorities and needs of Surrey, with involvement and oversight from the Board, will deliver a service that is modern, progressive and

attuned to the needs of this growing community. The Surrey Police Board is made up of nine individuals who represent the diversity of Surrey and together – will select Surrey’s first Chief

Constable. The Board will not rush its decision and will take steps to ensure the most qualified candidate is chosen. When that moment arrives, the citizens of Surrey can be confident that the

process was comprehensive, efficient, objective and fair.