Good afternoon, friends! As you know, there are very scary weather conditions all over BC right now. Please keep checking our social media @Pulse1077 for shared posts, updates, and information. Also, DriveBC on twitter is the BEST source for highway information. Make sure what you are reading is credible!

For this blog post, we want to inform you on what is happening locally here in Surrey.

Surrey Mounties are advising people who don’t need to venture out of doors to stay inside while Mother Nature continues to clobber Surrey with heavy rain.

“If you don’t have to go out, I’d recommend you stay home if you can,” Cpl. Vanessa Munn said Monday.

“We’ve seen a few motor vehicle collisions that are likely attributed to the extreme weather so what we are requesting is that people are aware of it and slow down, and drive for the conditions,” she said. “When the weather is this extreme there is a high risk of hydroplaning.”

Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth told reporters Monday in a teleconference that communities with rivers and streams have issued warnings about high stream flow. Munn said she was not aware of anyone falling into Surrey’s swollen creeks.

“This is a significant storm,” Farnworth said. “Is it the largest? We don’t know yet but certainly in the days to come we will be able to have a much better assessment in terms of damage.”

Meantime, as of 11 a.m. Monday the following roads were closed in Surrey (Surrey Now Leader).


(Photo: Shane MacKichan)



In the city’s north end, King George Boulevard at Patullo Bridge south bound is flooded over and all southbound traffic is being diverted onto Scott Road. Also, 103A Avenue and 121 Street, and 112A Avenue and Bridgeview Drive are closed.

In the central area of the city, there are road closures at Hyland Road from 142 Street to 144 Street; on 148 Street from 68 Avenue to 86B Avenue; on 168 Street between Highway 10 and Colebrook Road; and on 76 Avenue from 151A Street to 152 Street.

In South Surrey, 168 Street north of 16 Avenue is closed, as is 192 Street from Colebrook Road to 54 Avenue, 184 Street between 8 Avenue 2 Avenue, there’s a tree down at 20 Avenue and 180 Street, and 8 Avenue and 180 Street is closed as well.

Please stay safe friends! We will be providing updates as they come on facebook and instagram @Pulse1077.