Well… looks like festivals are BACK! Surrey’s biggest music festival FVDED in the Park has announced the dates for the 2021 party!

Friday September 10th and Saturday September 11th are the confirmed dates and it seems that people are very excited that the festival is able to happen this year.

Of course, due to the COVID-19 pandemic the 2020 festival weekend was cancelled. There were to options: 1. Get a refund. 2.Keep your spot for the next festival (this year). So, If you are planning on attending, it may be smart to secure a ticket since many have already sold to the hopeful 2020 attendees.

As of right now, the team at FVDED in the Park are still finalizing all the details and should have a set list out to us soon (if they don’t cancel again – there is always that possibility).

Here is what they have said so far:

I want to know, are you comfortable with attending a music festivals already? Or does it feel too soon?

Personally, I’ve attended FVDED in the past and was always so shocked with the amount of people passing out from dehydration or heat exhaustion and I feel that adding MASKS to that situation will make it even harder for people to feel well in festival conditions. Plus… lets face it – people at festivals have a hard time social distancing. Its like one big hug/war on who can get closest to the stage hahah!

But who knows, maybe they will be successful with keeping it a safe production with half capacity and spacing people out. I guess we will have to see.

Again. I’d love to hear your thoughts so join the conversation on Facebook @Pulse1077!

-Kate Tattersall