I didn’t realize what an argument this question would stir up! I am not a huge coffee drinker myself but from time to time I need a cup and my go to has always been Tim Hortons. I am not a big fan of Starbucks, to me it tastes like the coffee is burnt and is a little too strong. However I will say I do like their Chai Lattes, very yummy.

I found in doing my research (just asking everyone I saw) most said Tim Hortons but I did have a few die hard Starbuckers all the way, and the odd person who says they can drink both. They are not the norm though it’s like looking at a unicorn. This question did spark a few arguments, everyone had to point out the flaws of the other brand of course. So I’m asking you….Team Starbucks or Team Timmies?


Leah Holiove