They say a spoonful of sugar does the trick,

but we've got an even sweeter mix!


A cup of 90’s, a tablespoon of 2k, a dash of today, and to top it all off, a heaping spoonful of local conversation!


At Pulse FM, it’s a family recipe!


Meet the one-of-a-kind ingredients

that make our team South Fraser’s own secret recipe!

Vanessa Ybarra

Promotions Coordinator/Swing Host

Vanessa is a do it all kinda gal. If she doesn't know how to do something...well she will figure it out!

Rudy Parachoniak

Pulse Mornings - 6 am - 10 am

Rudy Parachoniak....what can we say?

He thinks he is superman...well, maybe a super dad of two. He is a lover of talking and passionate of sharing stories. So wake up, or just roll over and turn on Pulse Mornings with Rudy Para...something or rather...every weekday morning at 6 am.

Craig Stone

Program Director