The Bradley McPherson Memorial Show and Shine is celebrating its 10th anniversary on August 6th, 2022 which is a not-for-profit event. This car show is held in memory of a young hero who was gunned down on Christmas Eve 2011 after standing up to a bully at a house party. Brad was an amazing young man and his family and friends have kept his memory alive by taking his passion for cars and creating the Bradley McPherson Memorial Show & Shine. Brad’s beloved 1980 GMC short-box truck he named “Emma” is front and center at each show.
The proceeds from this event go towards scholarships that support the post-secondary education of students challenged by ADD and ADHD. The same illness that Brad battled and was overcoming to pursue a career as a high-performance mechanic.
Over the past 10 years the Bradley McPherson Memorial Scholarship Fund has awarded 20+ scholarships to need-based students of diverse backgrounds with an interest in continuing his/her education in various fields such as, but not limited to, Automotive Mechanics, Arts, Child Development, and Criminal Justice.
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