Over the long weekend mid-day host Leah Holiove and myself had the chance to check out the Royal Canadian Family Circus under the big top at Guilford Town Centre. I hadn’t been to a circus since I was a child and – being honest – had minimum expectations. Well it didn’t take five minutes into the show for expectations to go through the roof. WHAT AN AMAZING SHOW! Many different performers dong such incredible things. I’d love to ramble on about some of the things we saw but instead let me just say – there are people in this world who can do incredible things that will both amaze and impress you. Those people are apart of the Royal Canadian Family Circus.

We’re giving out passes to see this circus and after seeing it this past weekend, being honest with you, you will want to see this show. Listen to me all week between 3-8pm and to Pulse Mornings 6 until 10am to win four passes to the show. We’d just give you two, but you’re going to need to take the kids too.

The show wraps up at Guilford tonight, them moves to Tsawwassen Mills Friday thru Sunday, then Lansdowne Centre in Richmond May 31st to June 3rd before wrapping up June 7th thru 10th at Tradex at Abbotsford.

For full information www.royalcanadiancircus.ca