Hope you had a great long weekend. Spent an extra day away in order to spend some time further north this past long weekend. Spent the long weekend in Kamloops visiting some friends who moved their a few years ago because – like many – they couldn’t afford to live here anymore.

I don’t know what it is about Kamloops I really like but I do.

Perhaps it’s the numbers. Little smaller with a population just under 100,000. Perhaps it’s the price of gas (127.9/litre) Perhaps it was the arts scene which is growing and flourishing at an astounding rate! Perhaps it’s the downtown core which is small, but filled with great clubs and restaurants. Or maybe it’s the weather – first night we were there it stayed very warm at night. Far from our evenings where a jacket is always needed this past summer anyway.

Whatever it was on this – my third visit to the self-proclaimed, “Tournament” capital on Canada, I can’t say enough great things about the city of Kamloops.

I would highly suggest you visit one day.

Oh, and those strange birds that look like crows with longer tails and a bit of blue and White?


They’re frikkin’ everywhere!