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You may have noticed the price of gas has gone up again. On average by at least 7 cents per litre. Down in SS gas is hovering just under the $1.50/litre mark – and it isn’t even summer yet! Are you willing to drive across the border to buy gas? It’s probably the start thing to do.

Gas Facts according to

  • We pay the highest gas prices in north America (If you translate our metric into imperial gallons, we’re paying $5.60 per gallon. In the Los Angeles area they pay $3.35/gallon)
  • Wholesale price for gas sold for the Pacific Northwest market jumped to 86.2 cents a litre from 79.8 cents a week before.
  • Almost 50 cents of every litre you buy goes to various taxes
  • High Gas prices could force goods and services to jump too. Have to go to the grocery store and eat. How does produce get rot the grocery store? It’s delivered in gas powered vehicles. (Thanks Captain Obvious)

Ignoring the facts, the obvious answer as to why gas prices are so high?


But there is other factors at play here as well.