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We really enjoyed this show last year, so I was excited to see it back again for 2019!

If you’re expecting a bunch of clowns to hop out of tiny cars or sad lions being paraded around the ring, this is not that kind of circus.

First thing to note is that, if you went out to the circus last year – this is a whole new show!

You’ll see athletic, beautiful trapeze artists fly through the air defying gravity, acts of unbelievable balance, performances that will make you gasp and laugh out loud!  And there is a flaming hoop involved (no spoilers!).

I love this activity for kids and families because experiencing something in a room (tent) of other people is just magical and a completely different experience than watching a screen.  The energy in the crowd is contagious and the reactions are just so genuine! (Typically: “OH MY GOSH!!!”)

Check it out for yourself and use promo code ‘pulse’ to score a great discount on this fun, amazing, can’t-miss show!

If you want to see a little taste you can watch my Instagram Stories for some behind the scenes (and hear my husband say “OH MY GOSH” a bunch of times.)