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Before today I had never heard of perimenopause. Maureen McGrath who is a Sexual Health Educator came on Pulse Mornings today to talk about the issue that remains fairly taboo and under the radar. Perimenopause is when a woman begins to have issues in her “lower region” for lack of a better term when it comes to sexual intimacy, arousal and orgasm. While we primarily think of this happening during the menopause years when a woman is in her forties it can actually start in your 30s or even younger. Hearing this I was completely blown away. None of my friends have ever hinted of any sexual health issues. Not to say they aren’t dealing with them, it just isn’t something you generally bring up over beers at the pub. Lucky for them Maureen mentioned there’s a cream called Genevieve that can help women overcome intimacy issues so they can begin to feel and enjoy a “normal” sex life once again. As she mentioned, it also helps with urine leakage that can be common after given birth. The first step is not being embarrassed and reaching out for help. Any one of us can be affected by these issues at any point in time, there’s no reason to feel shame! If you’d like to learn more about the Genevieve cream and other solutions you can visit the New Beauty Institute in Surrey between 4pm and 7pm tomorrow (Wednesday) where Maureen will be on hand to provide more information on women’s sexual health!