If you tend to have back luck as it is on the road, like my sister who has been rear ended three times, you probably want to avoid these two intersections in Surrey – rated the two worst in the Lowet Mainland!

#1 – 104th Avenue and 152 Street in the Guildford area. This intersection had almost 350 crashes last year alone!!!
#2 – Scott Road and 72nd Avenue – had 338 crashes in 2019!

I’m curious what’s leading to so many crashes at these spots. Distracted driving? Speed demons? No Advanced arrows?

I know my issue on the road that has gotten me in a few ding-ups over the years is being more concerned what other drivers are doing than concentrating on myself ha. If I see a driver cut off someone else, I can’t help but watch them the whole ride to see if a fist fight breaks out or one cuts another off again. So exciting!

I also tend to get A.D.D trying to read other bumper stickers, see what people are wearing etc….”people watching” for the road if you will!

I know it’s a dangerous habit and need to start just focusing on what’s ahead of me if I don’t want to be another ICBC statistic, but sigh…solely looking ahead is soooo boring!

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  • Vanessa xoxo
    @VanessaLYbarra (Insta)