The World Health Organization (WHO) is a UN health agency that has been tracking COVD-19 cases worldwide, and providing a weekly report. There were 4 million COVID-19 cases globally reported last week, which is the first decrease in the past two months. Before this, WHO was reporting 4.4 million new cases on average every week.

Almost every country in the world saw a decrease in new infections with the largest decline monitored in Southeast Asia. The worldwide number of deaths sits at about 62,000 as of right now (Sept. 15). Africa was the only place where an increase was seen, with a 7% increase in deaths. 

WHO continues to suggest that children shouldn’t be prioritized when it comes to vaccinations as children and teenagers continue to be least vulnerable to the virus, and there are vaccine shortages reported worldwide. Deaths for those under 24 account for only 0.5% of the global deaths.

The highest number of cases is in the US, Britain, India, Iran, and Turkey, and 180 countries are now reporting the delta variant.