Apple with a big announcement this morning from their headquarters in California today. 

Earlier today the unveiling of all the new changes coming to iPhone and iPad this year, and a big cheese grater. Every year Apple holds what is known as it’s, Worldwide Developers Conference.’ There they preview what’s new with important Apple products. Today was that day. On top of unseeing Apple’s next-generation operating systems for iPhone and iPads, they introduced new apps, and software for iPads and a newly re-designed Mac Pro. But what’s got everyone taking is the Macbook pro remodel. 

The reason being? 

It looks like a Cheese Grater. 

No really, it does. 

And it’s expensive at just under $6,000 US. and if you want the new screen to match, that will cost you another $4,999.

Now I’m not the most technically inclined person out there so I’m happy sticking to my 2011 MacBookPro, but of you are looking to upgrade and have the money to do so, you to could own the most expensive cheese grater courtesy of Apple. 

Do not grate Apples with the Apple Cheese Grater.