Let’s be honest coffee is our oxygen in the morning. Most of us can’t survive without it but did you know its use goes beyond keeping us fuelled?

According to Cosmo magazine, coffee grounds can be used for a number of beauty routines including…

1) Face Exfoliant

Rub a tablespoon of grounds all over your face at night, rinse off with water and voila! Instant succulent, delicious smelling skin! 

2) Foot Scrub

Mix a  1/4 cup of coffee grounds, Epsom salts, and olive oil together and rub all of over your feet for a different nice treat for your footsies!


3) Lip Balm

Mix a teaspoon of grounds with coconut oil and slather over your lips for five minutes, then rise off to have instant succulent puckers!

Can you imagine if all these tips were just a PR stint to get people to buy more coffee?

Another tip? Coffee lubricant! Scratchy, yet oh so satisfying! Yeeouch!

– Vanessa xox