Tips for Avoiding Gym Locker Break Ins

By August 2, 2019Community

Going to the gym may be good for your body but it can also be dangerous for your wallet! Literally.

“Gym lockers one of the biggest areas of break-ins,” said Frank Fourchalk of White Rock Lock and Key.

Here are some tips to prevent becoming a victim!

  1. Buy a proper lock

“The lockers are only so strong, you can only put a certain size of lock onto those lockers so you want to make sure you choose a fairly good, strong lock to put on the lockers.

A good option is a disc padlock. They have a shielded design on them and bolt-cutters dont work on them. Another option is to go into a high-security padlock which make them way more resistant to a physical attack. They’re not easy, you can’t just snip them or get into them, like you can a lot of inexpensive padlocks out there.”

Disc Padlock












High Security Padlock















2. Leave the Valuables at Home

“Don’t take jewelry, electronic equipment, credit cards, or cash and never bring your wallet or purse to the gym,” says Fourchalk. “Limit the items to your driver license, car keys, membeership card and possibly your phone.”

Listen to the full interview with Pulse Morning’s Tara Lopez below!