I’m getting married in September. Correction – I am SUPPOSED to be getting married in September!

Damn COVID-19! Here I thought getting married in your 30s was supposed to be stress-free. I put in the work dating dozens and dozens of losers, this is supposed to be my time! My time!

Unfortunately, not so much.

To be honest with Dr. Bonnie Henry banning all large events this summer, including weddings, I’m thinking more and more that my happily ever after will have to wait. Wedding planning is already stressful enough, but add to it not knowing whether weddings will be allowed in September, if there will still be restrictions put in place  or if all of our older guests will even want to come..it’s too much for a bride to handle!

You only get married once (unless you’re JLO….or Tom Cruise…or 50% of North Americans…) but still! It’s just not worth the stress.

Here are some options my wedding venue has given me:

1) Wait two months before your wedding date to see if restrictions are still put in place. If they are, you’ll get a full refund.
2) Move the date to next year now
3) Have a smaller, more “intimate ” scale wedding aka hazmat suits and plexy glass

So what to do? I’m sure so many brides are in this situation. Wait til July 12th to get the full refund? Move the wedding to next June and hope you don’t get pregnant before then (hey, we’re pressing 40 people!), or just keep on keeping on and hope this whole thing is over by September.

I’m leaning towards the first one, but us girls are kinda known to change our minds on a daily basis, so…still not sure.

The whole thing just makes me want to grab a bottle of tequila and head to Vegas.

Oh wait – we can’t even do that!

Wake me when 2020 ends!

– Vanessa xoxo